Our services can be broken down into 3 areas. The two main ones are: planning and products. We start with the plan. Since we are dealing with clients at different stages and varied circumstances, every plan ends up being unique to each one. We have developed a framework that works to identify the issues and risks for each client and create a plan to address them. The plan will often involve financial products and tools. These financial products and tools are suited to the various opportunities & risks identified in the planning process. The 3rd area relates to a specialized set of planning & products for business owners.

Planning Framework

Discovery/Vision » We start with getting to know our client, the facts, figures, goals, hopes & dreams. We then make an assessment as to whether we can add value by working together.

Breakthrough » Here we look at the goals and the various risks that can interfere with the goals. We then create a plan that deals with those various risks.

Implementation » Here we work with our client to take the necessary actions and implement the products and tools available.


Our product shelf can be categorized into three main lines, investments, insurance and other tools.

Investments » we have access to a wide variety of portfolio managers through segregated funds. We also have several preferred portfolio managers that we can refer you to for discretionary services including the use of ETF’s.

Insurance » for insurance protection we have contracts with a number of companies including (but not limited to):

» Manulife
» RBC Insurance
» Ivari

Other tools » wills, powers of attorney, trusts, business agreements, loans and mortgages. (These products are supplied in cooperation with outside professionals).

Business Owners

Our business owner clients have a unique set of needs. We have created a specialized planning process, and product list just for business owners. These

» Group Benefits
» Buy-Sell Funding
» Key Person Protection
» Partnership Contingency Planning
» Executive Carve Outs
» Succession Planning