Wealth Protection – the missing piece?

A large part of what we do is based on protecting your wealth. Too often we have seen finances ruined by poor decisions when people try to do it on their own. This is why there is a need for objective financial advice. However, many financial advisors have simply focused on helping their clients build their wealth. While this is certainly important, protecting that wealth is just as important if not more so. We help you identify the various risk factors to you and your wealth, and help you create strategies to deal with them.

The 3 Life Stages

At Wellman & Associates we have identified 3 main areas of our client’s financial lives where we can add value.

  1. Build and Protect your Wealth » In this first stage, people accumulate their assets while their families are growing. At this point, people need to have a plan to save and build for their future, as well as, to protect themselves against the potential risks that can get in the way of their plans. There are a number of strategies that we use in this phase to manage these risks.
  2. Retirement Transition » In the second stage, people go from building their wealth to spending it; often going from having children to having grandchildren. This can be one of the biggest periods of change in peoples’ lives. We help sort through all the financial issues involved in this transition.
  3. Creating a Legacy » In the third stage, the focus is on “living” beyond the grave. It has been said that there are two certainties in life: Death and Taxes. Leaving a legacy is a way of passing on the peoples’ values as well as their wealth. We help our clients work through these issues and come up with a legacy they can leave for their heirs.